Accepting and Embracing My Life

Accepting Life

Accepting and embracing my life the way it is right now, isn’t lowering my standards, it’s opening the door to happiness.

We all have our list. You know what list I’m talking about. It’s the list of All The Things I Hate About My Life. I’m sure you haven’t written them down, but I’m sure it’s tucked away somewhere in the back of your mind, and at just the right moment, when the despised thing shows up we get angry or sink into depression.

Why must my life be like this?

When I decide to throw myself a pity-party for one, I try to stop sucking my thumb long enough to remember the story of Corrie Ten Boom. Have you ever read her book, The Hiding Place? If not, stop reading this right now, and order it on Amazon (<<< I make no money from that click, I just love the book).

Corrie was a dutch watchmaker in the Netherlands. During World War II, as Christians, she and her family dedicated themselves to the service of the Jews. They helped Jews escape the hate of the Nazi rule, but their care of the Jews landed them in concentration camps, where they suffered the same heinous torture as the Jewish people.

If anyone deserved a All the Things I Hate About My Life list, it was Corrie, but her story is the story of beauty in the midst of dark evil. Corrie accepted her life right where it was. Accepting it didn’t mean that she was saying it was good, no, she was saying I have no power to change it, so I must make the best of it, and she lived in that moment, and her story is the story of elevation and blessing.

We too, have a choice. We can keep having our cry fest, or we can accept those less than perfect things (and people), we can embrace them just the way they are, and watch happiness walk through the door.

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