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We all have our heros, the people we love and long to emulate on our journey. When I started out in photography I was no different. Daily I’d scour the internet, falling in love with beautiful photography, and the photographers behind the camera. At first, I had 40 photographers I followed on a regular basis. I drooled over every photo and devoured every single piece of advice they’d share with us newbies.

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Over time, as I improved, I began to pass up some of the photographers I followed. One by one they began to fall off my list, until, I was left with just a few. One of my all time favorites is Jasmine Star (and Jeremy Cowart, he’s pretty awesome, too).

Over six years ago, I found Jasmine and I’ve grown to love her, her husband, JD, and their puppy, Polo. It’s eery how much I feel like I know her, and when I talk about her with my husband, Matt, I talk about her like an old high school friend, separated by land, instead of the legal stalker that I am.

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Even though I’ve begun to move away from photography as a career, I still find Jasmine an inspiration for those chasing after their dreams. She’s taught me some important lessons about the journey to success:

1. Stay Fabulous.

It’s more than Jasmine’s tag line, it’s a cry for each and everyone to be exactly what we already are — fabulous. And when we believe we are fabulous, we will stand out in the crowd, draw people close to us, and accomplish everything we desire.

2. Be Positive.

If there’s anything you can say about Jasmine, it’s positivity! When it comes to others, herself, and her business, she speaks with passion and always shares a positive word.

3. Don’t let the rules keep you from doing what you love.

I know there are certain photography and business “rules” that Jasmine breaks. She doesn’t always follow the industry standard, but it doesn’t matter, because she is doing what she loves the way she loves to do it, setting us free to chase our own dreams, and the freedom to break the rules if we want.

4. Admit when you make a mistake.

It wasn’t too long ago, haters were looking to damage everything Jasmine had worked to create. She was called out on some of the things that she had posted, and instead of getting defensive, Jasmine spoke openly and honestly about the situation. She never backed down, and we all loved her even more for her honest heart.

5. Show up.

Jasmine always shows up. I watched her show up when people started slinging hate, but I also watch her show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to share her knowledge and encouragement. Her faithful presence makes me dream bigger, and makes me believe I can succeed at whatever I set my mind to do.

Thank you, Jasmine Star, for being my biggest cheerleader.  Even though you don’t know me, when I read your words and hear you speak, you cheer me on to never give up and to always stay fabulous.



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2 thoughts on “An Inspiration on my Journey — Jasmine Star

  1. Jasmine Star says:

    Oh, Charity, words can’t describe how you made me feel today. I’m all teary-eyed reading this post. It’s beautiful, kind, and the nicest thing…ever. Thank you. Really.

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