The Perspective of the Unfaithful Spouse [Q&A Video]

In the pursuit of healing and rebuilding trust after infidelity, understanding the perspective of the unfaithful spouse can be a vital step. In this candid and heartfelt video, Matt and I sit down together to share our personal journey of reconciliation and growth after Matt’s affair, which occurred 12 years ago. This powerful Q&A session aims to provide insights into the mind of the unfaithful spouse. Matt openly answered the burning questions from the wives in my healing support group.

Matt, with a genuine desire to convey his remorse and understanding addressing the big question “How could he have engaged in such hurtful behavior?” He acknowledges the pain his actions caused his spouse, family, and himself. Matt shares his journey of self-reflection, taking responsibility for his choices and exploring the factors that contributed to his actions.

A Message of Empathy and Hope

Throughout the video, Matt demonstrates a deep understanding of the pain that infidelity can inflict on the betrayed spouse and marriage. He shares how to work to rebuild the relationship, communicate openly, and that healing is possible with intention and time.

Work With Me One on One

For those who require personalized guidance and support, consider signing up for one-on-one coaching with me, a relationship coach with a proven track record of helping couples heal and thrive after infidelity.

Join My Healing Community

If you find yourself resonating with the experiences shared in this video, I invite you to join my “Healing Your Marriage After His Affair” membership group. Here, you will find a library of lessons and practical advice to navigate through this hell. You’ll be in a safe and supportive space to connect with others who have faced similar challenges and work towards rebuilding your marriage.


Infidelity is undoubtedly one of the most challenging hurdles a marriage can face. Matt’s sincere and vulnerable responses in this Q&A video shed light on the mind of the unfaithful spouse, providing valuable insights for those seeking understanding and healing. Remember, with commitment, empathy, and support, it is possible to find a path towards renewal and a deeper, more resilient bond with your partner.

Join us on this journey to healing and restoration. Let’s grow and rebuild together.

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