How to Make Effective Decisions

Making a choice sometimes can be daunting, and fear can take over. When it comes to making effective decisions, you worry and wonder if you made a mistake or could happen instead of being proactive. 

How do you make decisions that are effective and contribute toward the abundant life you’re creating? I have a few tips that will put your mind at ease and heart open to exciting possibilities.

Practice making small decisions quickly.

“Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.” -Andy Andrews

If you struggle with making decisions, begin to practice making small insignificant decisions quickly and confidently. 

For instance, when someone asks where you’d like to eat, don’t say whatever is fine. Give yourself a minute to come up with an actual restaurant and answer with confidence.

If you can’t decide on chicken or steak, give yourself a minute or two to check in with your intuition, then order and trust yourself that you made the right decision. Are you going to remember not having that steak instead of chicken that one time when you’re 80? Probably not.

When you’re moving forward with decision-making in your life, the small everyday decisions help you tackle the more significant choices efficiently and faster.

When making BIG decisions, take time to weigh your options.

Start by making a list of positives and negatives. When you make a list of pros and cons, you’re proactive in making a decision. 

You’re using positive energy towards something rather than expelling worry and fear. Once you’ve weighed out your options, make your best choice. You may not be sure what the outcome will be or if you made the right decision, but the ball is in motion, so it’s wasted energy worrying. 

Keep your eyes forward, and don’t think for a second if you should’ve made a different decision. In your mind, you’re already where you want to be. Just take the next step in this present moment. 

If you made the wrong decision, make a new one!  

If you make a decision and realize you made a mistake, well, now you’re simply presented with another decision. 

Here’s a little exercise you can do when you’re stuck. 

It’s the 80 test! 

The 80 test is asking yourself, “When I’m 80 years old, which decision will I be glad I made?”

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to decide on what you want for lunch and you can’t decide on soup or a sandwich, when you’re 80 you won’t remember and regret which one you choose. 

Or if you’re trying to decide whether you should buy the house or renew your lease at your current apartment. When you’re 80, you may be living in the place you chose to purchase or maybe not! Regardless, which decision will your 80-year-old self be glad you made?

Always remember that the kingdom of God lives within you, and you have nothing to fear. 

Your tomorrow is in God’s hands, so make today full of positivity and abundance.


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