When I Have Nothing to Offer The World

I can’t sing. No, really, I’ve embarrassed myself too many times trying to make my vocal chords cooperate with each other. It ain’t happening.

I took piano, and clarinet, and cello, and violin lessons when I was younger, but to be a good musician means having rhythm. I can’t even clap on beat.

I loved art class in middle school, but apparently you need some sort of coordination for that stuff, too. I worked so hard on an art project for class, and in the middle of the project I dropped a paint brush with black paint that rolled all the way across my canvas and onto the floor. Distraught, I took my disaster to my teacher. Her solution? Roll paint brushes all over my canvas. My piece wasn’t picked for the art show.


Dancing? Sports? That coordination thing again.

Public speaker? Well, I giggled all the way through my speech in school, and I’ve been told my whole life I talk too softly.

Debate? I stood dumb-founded while my opponent ripped me a new one. I like to think of myself as more of a lover. Can’t we find a way to all get along?

I auditioned for a fashion show once, but only because my beautiful friend didn’t want to go alone. He was accepted. I waited for him in the lobby.

I’m quiet and I’m average, a perfect combination for getting lost in the crowd, for feeling like I have nothing special to offer the world.

When I have Nothing

Sure, I discovered photography, and I became really good at it, but it only happened because Matt drug me all the way, kicking and screaming. It had nothing to do with a gift or a passion.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’ve been average your whole life, and you have decided you’re part of the non-gifted club. You know, the losers who only exist to take up space and use up oxygen.

Except, in Genesis it says, we are created in the image of God. What is the image of God? Who is he?

God is the infinite creator.

There is no lack in Him. If we are created in the image of the infinite creator, then we were created to create, and because we have the Infinite living within us, then we have infinite ability to create, in infinitely different ways. You see, when we create, it’s God who creates. Where then, does that leave the non-gifted club? Are we all here just to cheer on the gifted ones? Did we somehow get in the wrong line when God was handing out his creative image?

I’ll tell you what’s happened. God’s image has been buried deep down under Fear, Lies, Average, and Doubt. Time and Life have snuffed out the creative desire placed in each of our hearts. The Infinite cries out from within you in the form of your desires — your lost desires. It’s God who desires to make, to create, to organize, to plan.

Will you join me on this journey to unearth our buried talents? Will you, with a brave heart, explore the smallest of things that ignite your heart? Yesterday, I wrote about creating, my creative journey, and the story inside, but it wasn’t just for me or for the select few who consider themselves to be artists. No, I am writing to all people, doing all things, for we are all made in the image of the Infinite Creator.

So, what were you made to create?

…   …   …

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24 thoughts on “When I Have Nothing to Offer The World

  1. Faith Raider says:

    SO true. I just loved that last part. I am just beginning in my journey to be who God has made me to be, whatever that looks like. I am praying that God gives you eyes to see yourself as He sees you.

  2. Amy says:

    Nice post! I began writing a blog a few years ago just for me, but I’m finding the more I write, the more fulfilled I feel. And yes, it all comes down to creating. Grabbing words and arranging them on the screen. I never thought writing would bring me joy!

  3. Shelby says:

    Hi, I found you through 31 days. I’m glad I did. This particular post really resonates with me and my middle-child issues. At 51 years of age, having lived through a lifetime of often self-induced craziness, I’m only now beginning to understand what it means to have been made in God’s image and that we are, each of us, fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!

    • Charity says:

      I’m so glad you stopped by! Thank you for taking the time to comment. We all seem to self-induce craziness, because I have plenty of my own! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you’re learning just how wonderful you are!

  4. Barbie says:

    I am just now getting to your beautiful blog from the 31Dayers Facebook group. WOW, what a gorgeous space, and what a beautiful story of redemption regarding our marriage. You two look very happy. I am thankful I serve the Creator God. I look at my writing as one avenue of which I get to create for His glory. Have a blessed day.

    • Charity says:

      Yay! I’m so glad you stopped by and took the time to read our story. It’s been quite a journey, and yes! We are a million times happier after walking through hell. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. christa says:

    Charity, I know I’ve told you before, but dang girl! We could be sisters. You always are so generous with your authenticity and I know people are blessed by it. I sure am

  6. Erin says:

    Charity, your blog is absolutely beautiful! So glad to have found you via 31 Days. I, too, often feel like I have nothing to offer. But scripture says that in Christ, we lack nothing — we are complete. And the Lord prepared our stories in advance. His plan for you is good, sister!

  7. christa says:

    Charity this made me smile, and cringe a little. I love singing and always wanted to be in a church choir or something. The music director (friend) told me years ago when I mentioned it that “Everyone CAN sing but not everyone should”. Ouch.

    Just the other day my teen told me as much I wanted to think I could, well, I just couldn’t dance. She would conceed that I had “rhythmic movement” 🙂

    So sister, shall we stop? Never. I’ll sing and dance and pretend I am Michael Jackson or Sarah Mclaughlin.
    And? Enjoy every minute

  8. Chris Carter says:

    Oh how I just adore this message Charity…

    Every one of us- has Him as our gift!! I love this perspective of reaching in to discover how God is creating and designing something beautiful to offer in all of us, if we truly allow Him to infuse His Greatness within who we are.

    I just love this mission of yours, Charity. And I love your faithful heart. <3

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