Falling in Love — True Love

His fingers trembled as he molded the clay. He was surrounded by a vast array of his own art pieces, but this time the artist worked slow and with pupose as he formed his new creation lying before him. His heart began to beat faster as his piece took form. He smiled as he chiseled in perfect details, and wrapped more perfect layers upon perfect layers.

Once finished, he stepped back to admire the completion of his work; the finest of all his creations. Then, he did something he had never done before, he bent down, and with a warm breath, the Infinite exhaled himself into the mouth of his masterpiece.

Show Me Your Face

This clay creation opened his eyes and stood — naked and pure. When he turned and faced the Infinite, God gasped, he was overwhelmed with desire, because when God stared into the glassy eyes of his creation, he was staring into his own soul, and in that moment humanity stole the heart of God.

He whispered,

“I love you as much as I love myself. I will do anything for you.”

Then, with wild abandonment, he set out to prove it.

Over and over he whispers to humanity, “I chose you.” Then with a tenderness, asks, “Will you chose me, too?”

We say, “Yes!” We promise our undying love for the one who gave his all to us, but something happens, something goes awry. We wake up one day and come face to face with the ugly truth: our love is weak, our love fails. We pound our chests and scream to the heavens, “How can this be? Why does my love fail you EVERY SINGLE DAY?? You deserve more than this! I’m such a disgrace to you!” So, we hide. We cover our shame with self-righteousnesss and self-hate.

But do you hear the Infinite running through the garden of your heart? He’s calling out to you,

“Show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely!”

You see, our love is all that God desires. It’s our weak, messy love that overwhelms the heart of God, and that weak, messy love is a real love, an honest love.

We must stop focusing on our weaknesses, stop lamenting over sin, stop trying to make ourselves clean, because we are already clean. Let Love take great delight in you on your journey with him, right where you are, right in the middle of your messy and true love.

So will you? Will you accept your imperfect love? God has.

…   …   …

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14 thoughts on “Falling in Love — True Love

  1. Cheryl says:

    I think my husband may be stuck in a problem with this, so I appreciate your writing it the way you did. He is caught up in trying to do things “well enough” to be worthy…of love, respect, God. And it is a fruitless chase. I think I’ll share this with him tonight. Thank you!

  2. Jen says:

    i love the way you break things down. We try to over complicate things. As always I get so wrapped up in your words. I hate when the post ends! I always want more.

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