Today, I’m Going to Practice Just Being Great



Today, I’m going to practice just being great.

I stare at my inbox.  It’s cluttered with email blasts from others sharing their secrets to greatness.  Make your dreams come true in 30 days.  Grow your twitter followers, Facebook followers, Instagram followers.  How to simplify.  How to find your purpose.  How to hustle.  How to be great.

I’ve dug up my dusty dreams and made them all shiny again.  I’ve recognized my longing to make a difference, and began to find  the answer to the age old question, “why am I here”?  I believe I can and I daily do.  I’m present everyday.  I fight off the self-hate and constant barrage of lies I hear in my head with inspiration and positive affirmations.  I’m going to be great.  I’m going to make a difference in my world.

I’m brave.  

I share my story.  

I matter. 

I check my notifications on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook.  I check my email.  I don’t let my phone get too far away from my fingertips.  I’m looking, waiting, anticipating.  I network and connect.  I follow all the rules to get to the top.

Except, my heart has grown weary clawing up the proverbial mountain of greatness.  The daily hustling is no longer about making my dreams come true, but rather striving to validate my God-given desire for greatness.  I fight the lie, Maybe I was never meant to be great.

Maybe, but, I know the truth; I’m already great.

Love whispers, I took a slice of my infinite greatness and I formed you in a secret place.  As I knit you together with a piece of Me, I ordained your days and your greatness stuns Me.  My thoughts for you are many!  They outnumber the grains of the sand. 

Today, I’m going to practice just being great.

I could keep going and striving.  I could push past the fatigue all in the name of dreams, but I trust myself, I listen to the weary voice, so I’m closing out my email.  I’m x-ing out twitter.  I’m silencing all the ‘how-to’ voices.

Today (and for however long), I’m resting in the One who makes all things great.  I’m feeding my heart with things I love and I’m letting Love delight in me, just because I’m me.  Together be mesmerized by our infinite creativity.  I’m closing the gate to secret places of my heart, and letting Love delight in my greatness.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back tweeting, emailing, and Instagram-ing.  I’ll be back to hustling and pursing my shiny dreams.  Tomorrow, I’ll work to make a difference in my world.

But today, I’m going to practice just being great.

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