We Settle for Mediocre and Bury our Desires

Mountain View

With the journey to personal freedom comes a new sense of self, an awareness that births new dreams, and bigger horizons, not all at once, but little by little. It’s like walking out of a dark room into the the sunlight, it takes time to adjust to the intense light.  It takes time to trust in Love and take the journey, and comprehend the greatness before your eyes.  It’s like climbing up a hill; the closer to the top you get, the more you can see what lies on the other side, until you reach the crest of the hill, and in an instant the wide expanse is before you.

I’ve never climbed a mountain, and so I don’t know the rush that comes when you step to the summit and see the greatness around you, but I’m sure it’s similar to the rush that comes when you climb the mountain of inner freedom.

You scan over the horizon, and your core is shaken by the endless possibilities on the other side of each peak you see. You are no longer satisfied with this mountain, but you thirst for more, the finger of Love stirs the desires of your heart.

You long to explore these deep desires, to find fulfillment in their creation, but for so long fear has crippled your heart, because you believed, “No, this isn’t right. I’m not bringing glory to God when I pursue the things I desire.” We bury these desires because we’ve been told they are sinful, selfish, or somehow diminish the glory of God. The desire to dance, sing, paint, design new fashions, and travel the world are tucked away in our inner shame box, you know, the place we hide things not of God. We settle for mediocre and we pray for more of God, and less of ourselves.

Except, what if those desires really are the desires of God’s heart pounding inside our chest? Those desires don’t separate us from God, they are God.

“God is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. He is saying ‘I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine harmonies, to paint glorious pictures; I want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs, and so on.

He wants all these things [for you] because it is Himself that enjoys and appreciates them; it is God who wants to play, and sing, and enjoy beauty, and proclaim truth and wear fine clothes, and eat good foods.

The desire you feel is the infinite, seeking to express Himself in you.”

{Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich}

You aren’t separating yourself from God when you pursue your passions, but instead “it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” {Phil. 2:13}

“You are God’s poem.  Let him make poetry of your life.”

{Francois du Toit}

Gods Poetry

What desires have you buried deep down inside? Will you take that journey to unearth them again and let the infinite express Himself through you?

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