Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom Tuesdays: Real is the New Perfect


I should’ve had a brilliant and witty Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom post ready for this morning.  I didn’t.

Real is the new Perfect.

Instead of writing it this morning, I decided to take Christian to the library story time.  He insisted on a backpack and snack, just like his brother and sisters going to school.


photo 1

We got to the library.  Story time is on Wednesdays.

Real is the new Perfect.

So, we picked out a few books of our own to read.  Christian picked out a Halloween book with friendly ghosts and witches, something I swore I’d never let my children lay eyes on.

photo 2

Real is the new Perfect.

I know I should tackle the laundry that’s overtaking our room life.  I’m not.  I have dreams that I feel like chasing today.  Remember the saying, “No one on their death bed ever says, ‘I wish I spent more time in the office’.”  Well, no mother on her death bed has ever or will ever say, ‘I wish I spent more time keeping a perfect house’.

photo (11)

Real is the new Perfect.

I’ve stopped chasing my perfect expectations.  I’m learning to be real and live in this moment.  Will you join me?

We only have one life; let’s make it a real one.


Keep sharing your stories, and remember, leave your perfect at the door!  You have until next Monday to link up, and don’t forget to stop by on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and say hi!

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3. We’re all on an imperfect journey, so let’s be real, honest and raw with our posts.  Leave your perfect at the door.

4. Be yourself and let’s have fun!

…   …   …

For next week the writing prompt is

A Parenting Fear

We have those nagging fears that just won’t go away.  We shudder to think, ‘what if’.  We do our best to control our children, environment, and others, so we can be sure our worst fear will never come true…

Writing Prompt List

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11 thoughts on “Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom Tuesdays: Real is the New Perfect

  1. Avery Lane says:

    Hi my name is Avery and I saw the link to this website through Cristina’s post on Blogher. My confession is that I went to Target this morning and spent too much money. I needed it all though 🙂 It’s real, which makes it the new perfect?

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  3. Dione Harjo says:

    I L-O-V-E this! I love your “Real is the new perfect.” With those five little words, one feels love and accepted! Bookmarking your page to follow, I like what I am reading. And good for you for skipping out on the laundry for a library date with Christian! I skipped out on work today to spend time with my kiddos when they get out of school, but now I am trying to spread some love and work on my write 31 day challenge. Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment and sharing love with me! Blessings!

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