Falling In Love with the Journey — It Is Finished

On a whim, on October 1, I made a commitment to join the Write 31 Days challenge hosted by The Nester. It’s a challenge where bloggers write on a single topic for the 31 days of October. I’m not someone who likes these kinds of things, because to be honest, I like to quit stuff. I’ve always been when of those people when the going gets tough, I quit, but when you walk through a fire, like seeing your marriage nearly crash and burn, and in order to survive you can’t quit, well, it changes you.

Love Journey Finished

Even still, when I joined thousands of other bloggers, to be honest, I thought, “Eh, I’ll just quit when I get overwhelmed or run out of stuff to say.”

Well, today is October 31 and here I am. I didn’t quit!! I made it to the end, and not for the approval of someone else, but just because I wanted to do it. Now, it wasn’t a perfect journey. I missed several days, but I think 26 out of 31 is good enough. Besides, the journey was never about being perfect.

The journey will never be about being perfect. It is about

walking your own journey,

knowing Love delights in you,

believing imperfect is good enough,

practicing gratitude,

loving yourself,

trusting yourself,

and, most important,

Falling in Love with the Journey!

Thank you for sticking with me these past 31 days, but don’t let our journey together end here, let’s still be friends here, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Together, let’s continue to fall in love with the journey of embracing our stories and encountering Love!


…   …   …

Love Journey Button

This post is the final post of the #write31days challenge. Even though this series is over, feel free to sign up for future posts on The Wounded Dove.


2 thoughts on “Falling In Love with the Journey — It Is Finished

  1. Lynnae McCoy says:

    Congratulations on finishing! It’s interesting….while I started the #write31days challenge as an easy way to come up with post ideas for October, the writing process and the research that went into my topic changed me more than anything. I wasn’t expecting that.

    So thankful for this journey!

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