The Dance of Life

The dance of life; always moving, always changing. There’s a time to give, a time to take. A step to the left, a turn to the right, a movement back and then a rush forward. The rhythm tells a story, the dance tells our story. Sometimes we twist and turn trusting the steps of a partner, other times we move to the music alone, an individual creating beauty in a solo journey, and still other times we dance in the group, moving in sync with those around us.


The dance of life is beautiful and exhilarating, except we haven’t been taught all the right moves. We don’t always know when to step to the right or turn to the left. Our minds are lost as to when we must take the hand of someone, or step forward alone. We tremble to think our one wrong step will leave the dance in shambles.

So, we pray, we plead, we stand paralyzed on the floor, “Someone show me what I need to do next! God, what is your will?!”

We seek the advice of others, we crave for someone to give us the answers, and because we fear we’ll make the wrong decision, we miss a beat, we lose a step, and our worst fear of ruining the dance comes true.

But there’s a voice whispering in the music, His heart is pounding to the beat, He’s living within us, and he whispers, “Trust in me, for I am in you. We are one. You can trust the voice inside. Do not fear to take the next step.”


Trust the voice of Love. Listen to His voice, and allow yourself to move with the rhythm, you don’t need to fear your next move or if you’ll make the right choice or not, because even if the steps aren’t perfect, if you trust, if you live in the moment, and if you keep moving, then in the end the dance of life will be perfect, just the way it is.

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6 thoughts on “The Dance of Life

  1. Cristina says:

    Trust! It’s a big one. I think it stems from not trusting ourselves. If we don’t trust that we can actually, really hear his voice – or believe that He would want to speak to us, intimately – we’re paralyzed. xo

    • Charity says:

      I know. They seem so insignificant, but it’s the small day-to-day things that build the long term picture, and in that makes them harder to make. Im with you on that one!

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