Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom Tuesdays: Week in Photos



This week I’m sharing my week in pictures.  I made sure to hand my phone over to someone else, and get in the shots, too.  There are so many times I’m the one behind the camera, and forget to jump in the shot, but this week I made sure to #embracethecamera.

Did you know, I’ve heard people who lose a loved one miss the average moments the most.  They miss the way the person always had to drink their coffee a certain way or how they couldn’t sleep without socks on their feet.  It’s not the big moments they miss, it’s the everyday mundane moments, so those are the moments I tried to capture, and will continue to try and capture.  I won’t wait for just the special moments to snap the camera.


Most mornings my quiet time is spent with company, but as long as I have my coffee, I don’t mind.


IMG_6229It makes me sad sometimes that my baby doesn’t like Diego or Dora.  By the time he showed up on the scene, all his siblings had moved on to Sponge Bob and Phineas and Ferb.  Just recently Christian has discovered Franny’s Feet, and loves it.  I have to tell his sister not to not make fun of Franny’s Feet.


IMG_6331The baby still has to roll with the punches.  Christian refused to wear the pink vest, but I convinced him it’s purple and boys can wear purple, then I had to tell his sister not to tease about his pink swim vest. (I’m not sure why I look 4 feet tall.)



IMG_6550We spent the weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with Matt’s family.  I’m not into the dark open water.  I have a mild apprehension about it, but I did enjoy relaxing and having a good time at the lake with those I love.



IMG_6512Obviously, Matt and I are going to be those kind, loving parents with all the patience in the world while teaching our children how to drive.


IMG_6300A random morning cuddle (the youngest monkey was still sleeping).


IMG_6565Matt’s parents came to the kids’ school to pray for all the kids and their teachers before school starts.


Last day of summer-0389Yesterday was the last day Hunter was a baby.  Today she starts Kindergarten and is officially all grown up.


Last day of summer-0401Hunter wearing her second princess dress for the day.  She was making the most of her last day as my little baby girl.


Last day of summer-0397We spend most of our days living in our pajamas.  It’s a win win.  Less laundry for me, and bedtime takes half the time.


IMG_6579We look happy, but we were actually trying not to kill each other.  We put on our happy faces for the camera.

Now, let’s see your week.  Share your week in pictures and then link-up here.  You have until next Monday to link-up your stories below or if you’re not a blogger, on social media with the #GoodEnoughMom hashtag.  Be sure to come chat with me this week on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

I don’t want to make any hard set rules, but there are a few things I’d like to encourage those who participate to do:

1.  Add a Confessions of a Good Enough Mom Tuesdays badge to your post.

2. Let’s not just expect to receive love.  Let’s dish it out!!  Take some time to read other blogs linked here, leave meaningful encouragement, and share some of their posts on social media with the #GoodEnoughMom hashtag.

3. We’re all on an imperfect journey, so let’s be real, honest and raw with our posts.  Leave your perfect at the door.

4. Be yourself and let’s have fun!

…   …   …

For next week the writing prompt is

Back to school

Have fun and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday.

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15 thoughts on “Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom Tuesdays: Week in Photos

  1. Jen says:

    I love all of these pictures! Nathan used to watch Franny’s Feet. Thanks for the reminder to step in front of the camera. Us moms tend to forget that.

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  3. Mary says:

    I love all these pictures, but I think my favorite is the girls jumping in the lake. Love the back to school conversation you started up with the pictures. Next week is going to be a fun post.

  4. Chris Carter says:

    Oh Charity!!! I can’t even begin to describe how much joy and laughter and ‘nodding’ this brought me!! LOVE all those pics! The one of you all jumping? SO MUCH FUN!! And I love your caption about it. LOL And my absolute fave? The cuddle time in the morning pic. You simply need to put that one on a wall somewhere.

    What a beautiful collage of joy and love and all things beautiful- even the gritty stuff of parenting!! Purple is totes masculine! And these days? So is pink!!! Tell the kiddos to get with the program!!

    *Says an almost 47year-old wanna be youth* 😉

  5. Julie Jordan Scott says:

    I have hardly any kidpics in my #goodenoughmom week in pics! Yours are so full of kids now (ironically!) I feel a twinge of guilt and yet…. ya know, sometimes I just am not as into documenting everything they do. When they were your kids age, yes… and as we grow as Moms its important to note not every step we take is about them, right AND the steps we take that are about US actually help us to be better moms in the long run, no matter what age our children may be.

    I love seeing the everyday lives of my friends, both online and off. Thank you for opening the door this week!

    • Charity says:

      You know, that’s what I’m learning about motherhood. It’s not always about me. It’s about their independence and it’s not always easy for me to remember that. I know as they get older, I’ll have to beg them to come over just so I can take their pictures.

  6. Cristina Trinidad says:

    I love, love, love these shots! My favorite is the one of all of you in bed. Makes me want a King sized bed, but then I won’t be able to find anyone.

    I am trying to teach Alex to take pictures of me this week since I was such a picture sharer last week!

    Love your family, and I don’t even know them.

    • Charity says:

      I’m totally teaching my kids how to take pictures, and pay attention to composition and all that jazz. They’re so patient while I position everyone and then tell everyone to look natural. They’re actually getting really good at it. lol

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  9. Strahlen says:

    I LOVE your pictures and laughed at the cross out of relaxing vacation! Every time I think I like one of your pictures best, another great shot shows up. You had a beautiful family. I am so proud of you for holding it all together.

    God Bless You All…
    PS My little guy starts kindergarten soon and my oldest starts his senior year. It really is amazing how fast time goes. 🙂 and 🙁

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