Confessions of a #GoodEnoughMom Tuesdays — I’m Sorry



There’s one sad truth in life I’ve found

While journeying east and west –

The only folks we really wound

Are those we love the best.

We flatter those we scarcely know,

We please the fleeting guest,

And deal full many a thoughtless blow

To those who love us best.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


I don’t know why we hurt those we love the most, but I’m learning to say I’m sorry, with rapid speed. It’s not anyone’s fault, but my own when I cross the line of personal boundaries with my children, and I want to make sure they know this very thing. I am responsible for my lack of self control, and they shouldn’t be shamed or guilted by it.

I’m getting plenty of practice apologizing for the hurtful things I do, and in the end I hope my children learn it’s safe to ‘I’m sorry’ too.

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Next Week’s prompt

#BeChampions: Teaching Self Worth

Teaching self worth to our children is not an easy task. If we’re not careful, as parents we, can miss the important understanding of being what it means to be a champion. My blogger friend at Mommy Verbs talks about what it means raising champions. Check out her message, and be sure to come back next week to link up how you teach self worth to your children.

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