Living Like the Walking Dead

Everywhere he went, he defied science and reason. Without, hesitation he walked into a crowd and astonished the very core of everyone’s beliefs. He crushed the doctrine of religious leaders. His confidence in changing every human being he met was unwavering, except this day Jesus stood in front of his best friend’s grave, watched the wounded family weep over the death of their loved one, and with a broken and troubled heart, Jesus sobbed until his body shook.

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The story doesn’t make it clear what troubled Jesus that day. Maybe he was devastated by the loss of his friend, except Jesus was a man who controlled death with his voice, and oceans obeyed his spoken word. I don’t think he was troubled by death, I think maybe his heart broke because they didn’t know his friend’s death was the reward of life.

Then, without fear, hesitation, or doubt Jesus called forth life. In that moment, Life responded, and the man now full of life, came bounding forward, but still wrapped by death. His heart was beating, his lungs were breathing, but he was not free.

Jesus spoke, “Take off his grave clothes.” {John 11}

I, too, was bound like Lazarus for most of my life. I had been given a second chance at life, sure. The son of God declared to me, “Come forth!”, but the grave clothes were never removed. I continued to be bound by death — fear, doubt, depression, and anger. I was trapped in the clothes of religion, self-righteousness, and pleasing other people. I was alive, but I was living like the Walking Dead.

Walking Dead

It’s not until I became brave, and trusted the words of Jesus, did I began, with tender hands, to peel away the cocoon that protected me. It’s not easy to take off the grave clothes when you’ve been wearing them most of your life, because they make you feel safe and secure. I had been told, “You’ve been set free by Jesus. You are no longer bound!”

Except, I was still bound. I was miserable, and hated my life. If the son of God gives you the gift of Life, then you should be overflowing with joy. The guilt of my misery kept the truth hidden deep inside of me. I tried harder to live with freedom: I prayed more, volunteered more, read my bible more, and cleaned up my grave clothes more, only to feel more miserable.

It wasn’t until day by day, little by little, I began to cut away the rotting fabric around me. Little by little, my lungs were free to expand and breath in the fresh air, and my arms could embrace those around me. I began to laugh more, see the beauty around me, and dance more often. I broke a lot of rules, but in the end it was worth it.

Because, I am no longer bound.

Free From Grave Clothes

How about you? Have you been given the gift of life, but feel like you’re part of the Walking Dead? Maybe you’re still wearing your grave clothes. You’ve been given life, now take off the grave clothes.

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