Superhero, Santa Claus + Happy Father’s Day

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I can’t believe it has been almost two years since I took the risk and fought for this daddy.  I mean, the risk was huge.  Let someone in close again, with no guarantee it won’t happen again?

Defend his superhero status to all his babies, when on all accounts he should be stripped of such an honor?

To fight for someone so ferociously, only to discover I was the one who needed the saving?

Had I decided the risk was too great, then I would’ve missed out on the two best years of my life.  I would’ve missed out on watching six people fall more in love with each other.  I would’ve missed out on me learning to get out of the way, and let Matt be the man he was always meant to be.


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I’ve realized he’s never scolded me for being a shotty housekeeper, and he will always tell me how delicious dinner is while gnawing on my mystery chicken.

Then several months ago, he called me out on the carpet during an intense fight discussion, “I feel like I can never be a good enough dad for you.  Can’t you stop interfering and let me be a parent”?!

End of discussion.

He was right and I swallowed a bitter pill.  Again.  My childhood fantasy that daddies need to be like jolly ole Santa Claus was getting in between Matt and his children.  I had to grow up and face the truth that Santa Claus isn’t real.  I let Santa go and embraced the real man, and I’ve seen with my own eyes that reality is much better, because Matt loves his children intensely and with his whole heart, and that’s what makes him the best daddy ever.


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I’m so thankful I get to do this messy, broken life with you, Matt.  Thanks for being a better father than I’ve ever given you credit for, and I pray you never stop being a superhero.

5 thoughts on “Superhero, Santa Claus + Happy Father’s Day

  1. Darlene says:

    Touching and beautiful. I’ve now begun to wonder if the wee hour of the morning as I prayed, and the name of Matt and his business came so strong to my mind back in February, was an around about way to connect personnaly with you rather than connect Matt on business level. Love your searching, honesty, ‘pink’, fun spirit and your growth as a woman who is flourishing as a wife and mom.

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