Love Bites


Bite kisses

Matt, being a diligent daddy, made everyone their favorite snack of buttered bread.  As he deliverd the last snack he couldn’t resist, and took a big bite.

I, being the mom who knows how things roll, said, “Matt, Christian won’t eat that now!  You’re gonna have to make him another one”!

Sure enough, Christian began to wail and refused to eat his “bited bread”.

I gave a smug smile and said, “Told ya”.

Standing in the kitchen, Matt said, “Watch this”.  He waltzed into the dining room, and as the master salesman he is, said, “Oh, Christian, your bread is the special one, because that’s a kiss bite in your bread.  I kissed it just for you”.

Christian grinned and said, “Oh”, then took a bite.

Matt walked back into the kitchen with the smug smile.  “It’s all in the way you present it”.

From the dining room, “Daddy, can you give my bread a kiss, too”!?

Matt gave me a wink and went to pass out more of his Love Bites.

{Wisdom from a #GoodEnoughDad}


6 thoughts on “Love Bites

  1. Cate says:

    That is so sweet! Christian not eating the bread before sounds like something I would have done as a child! I wouldn’t eat bread unless it was cut into halves down the middle. None of those “sail boat” triangles for me! I still cut sandwiches down the middle! Haha! I guess some things never change huh?

  2. Cristina Trinidad says:

    Awesome and similar to how we got Gabriel to eat meatloaf. His was special. Mommy made it just for him. Not thinking he’d ask … “Mommy what’s this called, then?” “Uhhhh ‘loafmeat’. Isn’t it good?” “Yep, it does taste special Mom, thanks.” #score now he’ll only eat “loafmeat”. What have I done?

  3. Renda says:

    I made a new cheesy chicken and brocolli casserole when the kids were young. I was afraid they wouldn’t even try it so I named it Grandpa’s casserole because they loved their grandpa.

    To this day, that’s what we all call it and they both love it.

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