But Who Will Take Care of Me? (A Poem)

She took care of him.
She took care of them.
They kissed her on the cheek and went on their way.
She stood there and asked,
“But who will take care of me?”

She washed the clothes,
Swept the floors, worked her job, 
And made all the meals taste just right.
Stretching out the ache in her back, she asked,
“But who will take care of me?”

She said yes when she meant no.
She wore a smile and hoped no one saw its crack.
She managed to pour from her empty cup.
Outloud, she said, “I’m fine.” Inwardly she asked,
“But who will take care of me?”

Spent and exhausted with nothing else left
She collapsed in bed and wrapped herself 
     in forgotten dreams.
Tears soaked her pillow as she cried,
“But who will take care of me?”

Just when she thought the darkness had won,
She felt a stirring, an awakening,
And from within a still small voice say, 
     “I will take care of you.”
Like a Phoenix rising up, she went and 
     Took care of herself.

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