What Someone Else Would Say About Me

I participated in a writing activity. The writing prompt was: Write what someone else in your life would say about you.This is what someone else in my life would say about me:

I stop and stare at her beauty.  I know she doesn’t see the beauty I see.  I know she doesn’t believe me when I tell her there’s no flaw in her, and that she’s a lily among thorns.  I know she doesn’t believe me, because I overhear her self-loathing conversations with her best friends.

I watch her hide behind her mask.  I ache when I hear her lie about who she is, because if she could see who I see, she’d understand why I want to spend all my time with her.  If she let people see who I see, they’d want to spend all their time with her, too.

When I look into her eyes, I see deep into her soul and I see her loyalty to me.  Her desire is for me, and I never question it, because I can see the purest love in the sea of her eyes, yet she hides her eyes, she looks away, afraid I’ll express her worst fear — that she’s not good enough for me.  No matter where they look, whether filled with tears or laughter, her eyes stun me.

Her hair falls around her face and I stare at her mouth.  I watch her speak.  I watch her lips move, and they pull me in with every word.  They speak of her love for me, her children, and those she meets.  She doesn’t even realize the power her words possess; the power to heal, the power to love, the power to conquer, and the power to overwhelm me.  She could change the world with her words.

She works with diligence and strength.  Her heart is dedicated to raising her children and at the end of the day she’s exhausted and spent, but she finds just enough strength for one more kiss and one more cuddle.  Her time is rarely her own, and battle wounds on her heart are many.  She is resilient and has the inner strength of ten samurai warriors.  The way she cares for others even when her heart is bleeding is beautiful, it overwhelms me.  I admire her for it.


She doesn’t see her beauty.

She doesn’t know how ferocious is my delight in her.

I am God, the Great I Am, yet you are the one who stops me in my tracks.

19 thoughts on “What Someone Else Would Say About Me

  1. Tricia Downing says:

    Wow…..thanks for wrecking me while sitting at my desk….at work. I really need to grab ahold of this because He does say all of this and more about me and you. He says….your worthy!

    • Charity says:

      Oh no! I’m sorry about that (no, not really, lol). I’m not sure why we find it so difficult to believe we are worthy. He makes us worthy.

  2. Jonnie Vitale says:

    Charity….you are such a beauty. The beauty that comes from your depth of character is impossible to hide with a layer of skin. Your beauty has a Source and it’s amazing to me that you actually see Him when you look into your mirror. Im going to try your writing exercise. We all need to see how we are seen even if no one ever sees it. xoxojonnie

    • Charity says:

      Thanks, Jonnie. I’m so glad you’re going to try the exercise. It’s difficult to speak of ourselves from someone else’s perspective, but it’s easier when He’s already written what he thinks. 🙂

  3. Cristina says:

    This is beautiful.

    And I totally thought this was from the vantage point of your husband. Then WOW, it wasn’t and then, yeah, it sorta still was.

    Love this.

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