To Everyone I Know


I’m not one to make friends easy. I’m slow to warm up and I’m awkward with small talk, but if we can get past all the weirdness, then we will be friends forever. We may not talk on the phone much, because I’m a lame small talker, remember? I’ll forget to invite you over for coffee, while our kids play at our feet, and I know I won’t remember a gift to your party, but when we do get together, I will listen for hours and share a good cry followed by a good laugh.

My entire life’s journey is peppered with beautiful people like this. We meet. We bond. We share a season of time together, then, we may not see or speak to each other in months, maybe years, only to reunite and pick up right where we left off. Or maybe I never see my friend again, separated by time and land.

It’s these people who leave an imprint in my heart. In a subtle or sometimes drastic way, they change me forever on my journey through life. Each person who’s crossed my path has without knowing deposited a piece of themselves in my heart, making me into the person I am, and a better person for it.

So, to everyone I know, in person and online, a memory or a phone call away, thank you for making me who I am today. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with me and for being a part of my journey.

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6 thoughts on “To Everyone I Know

    • Charity says:

      Thanks, Sarah! I actually practice no being awkward, but it doesn’t always work. This weekend I met someone when I was with Matt & I said to the guy, Joey, “Hi Matt, I’m Joey.” Awwwwkward. 😉

  1. Life Breath Present says:

    Love this! How perfect! This is my life and my friendships, all of them! Thanks for the honesty, I know that love for the friends I haven’t seen in or talked to in a long time, yet able to keep on loving one another right where we are. 🙂

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