Believe in Your Dreams — Wait! What Dreams?

We all love to be inspired. It gives us hope for a better future, a better life. We’re like a nest full of hatchlings with our mouths open wide — inspire me! We follow our favorite speakers, preachers, authors, and pay lots of money to attend their conferences, just to get a nugget of inspiration for our life. I bet everyone of us have an Inspiration Pinterest board. We love those who open up the endless possibilities of personal awesomeness.

Believe Dreams-2

Believe in your dreams!

That will make a ‘go get ’em’ blog post all day long. As I worked my creative photography magic I began to plan out what I would say that would inspire people to believe in their dreams. Then, it hit me.

Wait, what dreams?

Had you asked me two years ago on our Starbucks coffee date, what are your dreams? 

With a blank stare, I would’ve said, “Ummm…get a full night’s sleep? Oh! and wear sweatpants everyday for the rest of my life.”

I didn’t think I had dreams, so to believe in them, meant nothing to me. It made me feel bad about myself, like if I was a mistake because I didn’t have some high, pie in the sky dreams.

Believe Dreams-3So, how does one discover her dreams? Does one go on a quest looking for a dream to capture, sort of like, an elusive butterfly in our life’s net? Maybe. But I think of it more like digging up a treasure deep inside that has been there all along, just was buried by time and life.

Just like anything, discovering that treasure is a journey. In fact, I believe discovering your dream is just as important as the dream itself. Before you can discover that dream there is something you must do first, you must

Believe in Yourself.

It starts with believing you deserve to dream, giving yourself permission to dream, and learning to love yourself on the journey, then you will uncover those pieces of yourself called dreams and believe in them.

The more I believe in myself the more I discover my dreams, and I don’t think of my dreams as a thing, concrete and solid, but rather as a movement, fluid, ever-changing and growing far beyond myself.

So, go ahead and ask me about my dreams.

I’ll say, “Wait, what dreams?” Then, I’ll pull out pieces of myself, and say, “You mean these dreams?”

2 thoughts on “Believe in Your Dreams — Wait! What Dreams?

  1. Cristina says:

    For me, it starts with giving myself time for quiet. I need to stop and remember that I, too am on a path destined for greatness (as cliche as that sounds). In the day-to-day that is my day job, writing, mommy, wife and faithful Catholic, I forget to dream in there. Maybe looking in the mirror more would help too. 😉 Love your outfit paired with the serious-business hairdo, even if it is a little blurry. xo

    • Charity says:

      Oh, quiet time. I’ve been letting mine slip away way too much. I guess I’ve gotten so busy myself, and I’ve noticed the first thing to go is quiet time. Thanks for reminding me to make it happen. xo

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