You are Creative.

It’s easy to believe you’re not creative when you lack traditional artistic abilities. Shoot. I thought that about myself almost my entire life. I struggle with rhythm, hand eye coordination, and two left feet. If you can’t sing like Beyoncé, dance like Julianne Hough, or paint like Van Gogh, you feel like you’re doomed to live some second rate life, like a forgotten saltine cracker in the back of the cabinet.


But creativity comes in way, way more diverse ways. I’d go so far as to say the possibilities are infinite. And with those kinds of options, there’s hope for you and me.

You are creative.
You create laughter and tears.
You create a family and a circle of friends.
You create a home of safety and love.
You create music with your voice (never said it had to be good) and ideas with your mind.
You create something from nothing with your hands.
You create beautiful things.
You’re the creator of your life.

At birth, you were handed a paintbrush and blank canvas. It’s up to you to paint on your canvas. Except, you feel incapable of creating a masterful life. So many days, you feel lost, insignificant, and unworthy of such a task. You’re terrified to dip your brush in the paint. 

What if I mess this up? What if I paint something wrong? What if God, who commissioned me to create this masterpiece, disapproves? 

So, we cry out, “God, take control!”

Let me let you in on a little secret. God will never take control. He’s not a puppet master or interested in manipulation through slavery. 

He’s given you this gift, and he’s not one to take his gifts back. He trusts you with this life. He trusts you with the paintbrush. 

Now, trust him. 

You’re creative, an artist of life. With each stroke, you deposit a piece of yourself onto the canvas, and because you’re the artwork of God, you deposit a piece of the divine, too. Enjoy the life you’re creating. Express Love in your own unique way. Dance, sing, play loud music. Don’t overthink it. Follow your heart. Paint with decisive strokes.

Now, stop looking at your neighbor’s canvas. Stop comparing your artwork with the kid next to you. Your work isn’t supposed to look like anyone else’s. The beauty of their work doesn’t diminish the beauty of yours. No one’s work is superior to another’s, so cheer each other on. Celebrate them. 

Then, on that day, when you draw your last breath, and you lay down your brush, what will your canvas display? 

Bold, wild abstract strokes?
Soft, serene blended watercolors?
Simple colors with gentle shading?

It’s up to you. When it comes to art, there’s no right way to paint Love. It’s simply an expression of the artist.

But whatever you do on that day, do not disappoint God by handing him a blank canvas.

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