Problems Don’t Exist

Notice anything different about my blog? Yes! Everything! I hope you’ll take some time to wander through it’s pages, then let me know what you think.

I changed my blog from The Wounded Dove to my name and gave her a facelift, and let me tell you, it was NOT an easy process. For almost a year, my site was flooded with spammers, and the last straw that took her under was a nasty morphing hacker code that caused Google to shut the whole thing down. It was rather annoying, and took months to fix everything. Had this happened a couple of years ago, I would’ve taken it as a sign to quit. You know, this must not be God’s will. 

Things are different for me now. I don’t look at obstacles as signs to give up or even as problems. Instead, obstacles are placed in our way to cause us to stop and pay attention, because within each roadblock there’s an important treasure for us. The universe puts roadblocks or detours in our way, so we won’t miss out on our good and perfect gifts. Matt’s uncle put it like this for me, Problems don’t exist, because if there was a pile of sh!t in your living room, but you knew there was a gold bar in it, then, that pile of sh!t would no longer be a problem, it would just be an obstacle you had to dig through to find the treasure. 

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months, looking for the gold bar in the pile of shit. I’ve struggled with my love for writing, and at one point I wondered if I’d ever find it again. My identity crisis felt strange. I knew I was stuck in a the middle of a weird transition, but instead of falling apart and giving up, I reminded myself to rest in Love, and just kept digging, listening, and trusting. I paid attention to my stalled momentum, and looked around. That’s when I realized I am in a different place.

You see, when I started The Wounded Dove back in 2013, I was still in recovery from the wounds of Matt’s affair. I shared my broken love story publicly as a way to deepen my healing, but also give another wounded soul a chance to breath a little easier. I saw myself as a wounded dove, who even with bloody gashes, was still all together lovely. So, I began to write. I had no plan, no goal, or end in sight. In fact, my plan was to keep going until it was time to stop. I like to keep my expectations low.

As I was writing my journey, I was healing.

During these stalled days, I realized that I’m not in Kansas anymore. The Wounded Dove was a gift to me (and hopefully you), and I am forever thankful for what those years did for me, but the gift I found in this roadblock is that I no longer see myself as wounded. My scars are silver threads reminding me of another lifetime, of a time I will never forget, but they aren’t who I am.

I am Charity, strong and accepted. I am Charity, free and vibrant. This is who I am. I still plan to write about God, marriage, imperfect parenting, and personal freedom, but I’m redefining my space to reflect more of who I am now. 

I still have no real plan or end in sight, but I’ve simply set my eyes on a bigger mountain. Come along with me while I take on this new leg of my journey. Let’s do this together, and see what treasures we uncover along the way.

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