How my Personal Journey Prepared Me For my Business — An Interview

When you’re walking through an icy hell, you cannot fathom that it’s the exact road that’s preparing you for your future. When the pain is almost too great to bear, you cannot see how good can come from these kinds of wounds. In fact, go ahead and tell that to someone who’s in the middle of a crisis and see how your nose fairs after they punch you in it.

But then, when time passes and the wounds heal and your heart is restored, you look back and you can see the golden thread woven through it all, and without that part of your journey, you’d never be who you are now.

Matt’s affair was the exact thing that sliced through the cocoon of fear I had wrapped myself in. It’s the very earth-shattering event that exposed my inner darkness to the light. It’s that part of my journey that brought me to this beautiful place.

I haven’t talked at all about Lillian & Co., a jewelry company I started just over two years ago, on this blog, but after today, I’m going to change that. I’ll definitely give you more details about it, but for now, I’d like to share the first audio interview I did with Kristen, over at The Supermom Wannabe Podcast.

I talk about how my personal past led me to start Lillian & Co. I write more about it over on my company blog, or you can listen to it over on Supermom Wannabe Podcast.

PS. Matt insists I take the credit for Lillian & Co. since it’s a jewelry company and all, but he’s really the marketing brains behind this operation. So, shoutout to you, babe! Thank you for all you do! xo

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