Lady Gaga’s Spiritual Awakening

Lady Gaga’s spiritual awakening is breathtaking. Last night I sat and watched her share her story of transformation through living with chronic pain and mental illness. 

She sat across from Oprah on the SuperSoul stage wearing a black pantsuit, heels and pink hair. Without shame, she shared her pain and healing after her psychotic breakdown. She spoke of her radical acceptance and her determination to combat mental illness. She was so open and vulnerable with her struggles, her darkness, and her journey back to the light. It made my eyes prick up with tears several times.

I know as Christians we’re skeptical when someone with the past like Lady Gaga shows up talking about transformation and God. It’s normal to doubt. No one believed Paul either. But as I listened to her talk she said something that let me know the truth. 

She said, “I want to help people.” with a pause between each word. “These people who come to these shows, I don’t want to just take your money and sing for you. I want to help change your life.”

That’s how I know her transformation is real because the moment you turn away from your own pain and look to the pain of others and say, “I want to help ease your pain because there’s something beautiful on the other side of the pain”, you have truly experienced the transformation that only Love brings. 

I know this because I had that same experience myself. After Matt’s affair, I walked through my own personal gutwrenching transformation of radical acceptance and after months and months of therapy and self-work, it suddenly wasn’t about me anymore. I sat in my counselor’s office and through the racking sobs, I said, “I just want to help other women who are living in the same personal prison I was living in. I know I’m not the only one.”

No one had to ask me to go spread the good news. No one had to challenge me to invite my neighbor to church. There wasn’t an obligation to try and save someone from hell. It was my automatic response to my own personal transformation. All I could think of was that there were women all over the world who were already living in hell. And I was suddenly desperate to help just one person free herself from that prison. If only I could help someone else experience Love that goes beyond words. 

When you experience the light of Love there’s nothing you want more than to spread the light. You want nothing more than to share the good and perfect gift you’ve received. 

Lady Gaga went on to say, “I believe this happened for a reason. All the things I’ve gone through I was supposed to go through. I think it happened because God was saying to me, ‘I’m going to show you pain. And then you’re going to help other people in pain because you understand it.’”

If you live in chronic pain — mental pain, physical pain, or physical pain. I hope you’ll find hope in Lady Gaga’s words. I hope you’ll seek out radical acceptance and gratitude even in the pain. I pray you’ll seek professional help in science and in therapy. Be brave in your journey to wholeness. 

Lady Gaga shared her prayer she prays on the days when her pain is especially intense. I hope you’ll find your own relief in her prayer and that you’ll make it your own.  

A Prayer of Gratitude in the Midst of Pain

Thank you, God, for this pain.
I surrender it to you.
This pain is meant for me in my body right now. 
I’m here in this moment and I’m learning. 
Thank you for teaching me.

~Lady Gaga


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