We Are Human

We Are Human @charitylcraig

We are human.

We can feel. We can see. We can touch. We can laugh. We can love.

We are these amazing creatures of self-awareness, and yet we cut each other down, we cut ourselves down. We slash ourselves to nothing. We reject ourselves and we reject others all because we feel like we’re not good enough.

I don’t know why we feel this way. We have these amazing bodies that do amazing things, and amazing minds that do amazing things. Yet, we still sit here and say we’re not good enough. We say we don’t have what it takes to do amazing things.

The truth is we are supernaturally made. We are made in the likeness of God. God, himself, has opted to dwell within us. He desires us — humanity.

We Are Human @charitylcraig

Somewhere along the way, in our journey as humans, we’ve gotten this idea that when God created us, he made this cosmic mistake. You know, like, He said, “This is very good”, and then freaked out because Adam and Eve decided to eat the fruit. We get this idea that when they chose the knowledge of Good and Evil, God gasped and shook with wrath, but if you read carefully, God was never angry by this decision they made. In fact, he made them beautiful clothing out of the finest furs and leathers, and then escorted them from the garden before they ate of the Tree of Life and lived forever.

From that moment, God has spent our entire existence showing us his desire for us, his love for us, his pursuit for us — humanity.

We need to stop looking at our humanity as this negative, demonized, cosmic mistake that God wishes he had never made. It’s quite the opposite. He says he’s going to allure us and speak tenderly to us.

It’s not about being perfect or even being sinless. It’s about being human — human made in the likeness of the Infinite and the Infinite living within us.

We’re on a journey, a journey with Love, and he takes so much delight in us on this journey with Him. He’s enjoying us, even in the middle of our mess, even in the middle of our inadequacies.

It’s so much better if we embrace ourselves as humans, and stop looking at ourselves as a disgrace to God, and begin to live a supernatural life that reflects the likeness of the one who lives within us.

Take some time to embrace your humanity. Embrace who you are, and let Love take great delight in you.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Human

  1. Chris Carter says:

    Oh what sweet gracious words to soak in here Charity!! I absolutely love that perspective… We get so coiled up in the self demise and the demise of this world- it’s hard to hold on to that beautiful truth!!

    Thank you for pouring this out of your heart… and drenching us with His Love.

    • Charity says:

      It is so easy to focus on the things that are wrong, and forget how right He is, and how right he’s made us. Thanks as always for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.

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