How to Resist the Devil So He Will Flee

Do you want to know how to resist the devil so he will flee?

Stop thinking about him. No, seriously. Pretend like he doesn’t exist. Give him zero thoughts. 

What’s the devil doing? Don’t know.
What’s his plan? Don’t care.

The devil and all forms of evil are dead to me. I’ve thought more times about the devil in writing this post than I have in the past ten years. 

People wonder why fear, doubt, and chaos fill their lives. It’s because they’ve been giving the devil all their time and energy. You stare into the darkness. You obsess over the evil in the world. Here’s the thing: what you focus on, you give power to in your life.

Think about when you were little, and there was a bully on the playground. What did your mom tell you to do? Ignore him.

If you ignore the devil, if evil is dead to you, he will flee from your mind, home, and life. He will have zero power over you.

Focusing on evil doesn’t defeat evil.
Focusing on sin doesn’t defeat sin.
Darkness doesn’t cast out the darkness. 
You can’t resist the devil by focusing on the devil.

But you can’t just not think about anything, because nature abhors a vacuum. So, you must replace your current thoughts with new thoughts. 

What can you replace your thoughts of evil and the devil with?

Light. Life. Love. 
For God is Light.
God is Life.
God is Love.
And he said, “There’s none besides me.”

Let’s think about that for a second. The only power force that exists is God who is Light, Life, and Love. Nothing else. Zilch. Nada. Nil.

Only Love.

Be consumed by this and only this. Submit yourself to Love. Make it your life goal only to allow thoughts of Love in your mind. Only focus your eyes on Love. Spend every waking moment pursuing Love. Make it your mission to know Love so well that its all consuming flame leaves nothing else in your life.  

When the illusions of evil present themselves in your awareness, reject them immediately. Turn off the TV. Close the app. Walk away. Sin, death, and evil are defeated. They’re dead. When you focus on these things, you raise them from the dead. 

You help zero people obsessing over the evil things you see in the world. You only perpetuate the darkness. 

You see,
Love already defeated evil.
Life already defeated sin.
Light already defeated the darkness. 
Jesus said, “It is finished.”

The only reason there’s darkness is that humanity doesn’t understand the good news. They don’t know Love. To overcome the darkness in the world is to be consumed with Love. And only Love. Rejecting all others.

Now problems are nothing more than problems with solutions. Life is just life. Nothing more. Nothing less. You won’t live in terror of the big bad something lurking in the darkness. Now you’ll know the darkness is just darkness in need of Light. And since you’re consumed with the Light, you are now the Light. You have nothing to fear because darkness flees everywhere your feet touch the ground.

You will be kept in perfect peace because your mind is stayed on Him – Love.

Ways to keep your mind stayed on Love:

“Does this put fear in my heart?”
If the answer is yes, reject it immediately from your mind, eyes, and life. I don’t care if it is a pastor standing at a pulpit. Do not allow fear to live inside your mind. Fear is the arch-nemesis of Love. It’s the evil we must immediately deny.

“Is this rooted in Love?” 
Yes? Immediately embrace it. No? Immediately reject it from your mind. Don’t give it another thought. 

“Where is Love in this?” 
When old habits of obsessing over evil and darkness overrun your mind, shift your perception. Change your focus. Find Love in the situation, then become laser-focused on that. 

Forgive yourself immediately when you get it wrong. 
Getting it wrong is normal and part of the human DNA. It doesn’t make you evil or bad. It is what it is. Let it go and move right back into Love without a second thought. Do not linger in shame or regret for one second longer than to shift yourself back into Love. Accept the consequences of your actions, learn from them and move on in Love.

Release the afterlife into the hands of Love. 
Your focus needs to be on living this life. You have zero control over what’s on the other side. Sure we have a general idea of heaven and hell, but the truth is, none of us really know, so anytime you begin to fear death and hell, release it into the Divine hands. “Love, I release my afterlife to You to do with me as you see fit.” Then, get back to living and pursuing a life of Love.

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