Don’t Hide the Greatness Within You

You have greatness within you. You can feel it. You can sense the Infinite calling you to leap the mountain tops. You were created with Godlike abilities of self-awareness, knowledge, and creative powers. You can sense the infinite potential of these abilities.

But you also have great vulnerability. Your blood is pumping through your veins, but you’re not making it pump. Oxygen is breathing life into you, but you’re not making yourself live. And there’s an expiration date on your life, but knowing that day is above your pay grade. So you live holding that ticking time bomb. There’s something on the other side of life that you can’t comprehend. You hope you’re right about it, but secretly wonder, “What if I’m wrong?”

This is the paradox of humanity.

You live your life standing on the edge of a mountain cliff, something calling you to the summit but knowing one slip of your foot and your life will end, one slip of your foot and you’ll tumble into hell. Deep down you don’t believe you can trust God. 

So, you hide your greatness. Why? To protect yourself from the unknown? To appease God? Show him how great he is and how unworthy you are? He already knows how great he is and he made you worthy.

Do not bury your greatness to protect yourself from your vulnerabilities.
Do not cover your light to keep something from blowing it out.

Don’t you see it? The infinite source of life with all the gentleness and all the hope swept in and breathed himself into you and continues, with faithfulness and Love, to breathe for you. 

In. Out. In. Out.

You are not separate from God, you are an extension of God. When you long to do great and beautiful and powerful things, it’s his infinite potential longing to manifest through you. Your desire to express the greatness within you isn’t pride or selfish. It’s like Paul said, “it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” It’s the Infinite whispering, I want to taste good foods, I want to sing, to dance, to play instruments. I long to travel to breath-taking destinations and wear beautiful clothes. I long to manifest my Love in this world. 

And then there will come a day when he takes his last breath and you’ll close your eyes. 

Did you spend his life manifesting his greatness in this world? Or did you wrap it in a cloth? Did you spend his life manifesting his Love? Or did you hide it away, buried in fear? 

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