Christmas Home Tour + A Video

I’ve shared a lot of the dark tales of my life, especially those of my marriage. I don’t know why I’ve felt the urge to tell them, to share the shame and darkness with the world, but I’ve never regretted it for one second. There’s one of the darkest chapters I’ve kept to myself — the tale of our financial woes. Some stories need space and time before the world can read them, but this journey is ready to be told, to encourage others, and to bring hope to the hopeless.

Because if anyone felt hopeless, we felt hopeless.

So, as I plan to write our financial journey to freedom, I want to share with you this present moment, right now, because this where we are now, but this is not where we’ve always been. I want to share with you this Christmas, because this Christmas we don’t have to shop at the Dollar Store for gifts, and we won’t hang our head in shame for showing up to family events empty-handed. This year, we won’t sing of ‘good tidings’ while our hearts sink into despair. We don’t have to keep reminding ourselves that Christmas is really about the baby Jesus, but secretly wanting to leave the baby Jesus in the barn, because his birthday is a painful reminder of the miserable state of our bank account. This New Year we won’t regret all the money we spent, because we didn’t really have it.

If you are desperate and tired of living another Christmas pretending to be ok with your despair, I know and understand your guilt and shame, but just know we don’t have to pretend here, so let the truth come out, while you take a tour of our home decorated for Christmas. I did a before and after version, just to keep it real.

Plus, I made a video!











And since I’m overcoming my fear of being on camera, I made a before and after video to go along with my house tour (I’ll speak up next time!)

8 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour + A Video

  1. Natalia says:

    Your house looks so beautiful. There is Christmas feel in every corner. Everything looks well planned and thoughtfully arranged. I can’t imagine that you can do all this with 4 kids! You are so efficient. I can barely keep my head above water with 2 :). Merry Christmas!

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