Finding the Beauty in the Mundane

I am guilty as anyone for getting bored and despising the daily mundane, but this week I took some time to find the beauty in common moments.














Earth’s crammed with heaven

And every common bush afire with God;

But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,

The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries,

And daub their natural faces unaware.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Will you take off your shoes with me, as we witness the beauty of God in every mundane bush?

Please take the time to share how you find beauty in your mundane, and link up here until next Monday! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

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Practice Gratitude

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14 thoughts on “Finding the Beauty in the Mundane

  1. Cristina says:

    I love these photos! I especially love the one where he’s in his little Thomas underwear having a blast and you’re dabbing your lips with your finger. Life hasn’t been mundane here. From the fantastical fantasy that I am writing, it’s all I can do to not superimpose the next scene, or potential scenes as I wash the dishes. Wait. I don’t wash dishes. xoxo

  2. Tara says:

    What a great idea! I am going to try and pay more attention to the beauty in the mundane. The pictures you posted are so great. Love the gymnastics one and the one of your little boy with his feet up in the air. So cute!

  3. Amanda says:

    This was beautiful and the thought that even mundane things can be beautiful. I loved the pictures.
    I have an idea for a post to add to your link up. Now all I have to do is find the time to write it. 🙂

  4. christa says:

    These are precious photos! Charity, today I blocked off the whole day on my calendar to just stay home. No exceptions. It was dark and cold and windy. My oldest happened to be off work. Both girls were under the weather and able to rest today. By the time it was dinner prep hour, I was tempted to be lazy and pass the buck again. But, I knew how much my husband would appreciate coming in the door and smelling homecooked food after a long day. As I cooked and had early Christmas music playing, I was struck by the stunning and beautiful “ordinariness” of the moments. And they reminded me, of some of the years gone by. When my girls were children and this was part of our daily routine. I was reminded to stop and be filled with humbling gratitude that today, this very special day, both girls were home. I was making dinner for my family. My husband got home safely. Those moments that felt mundane for so many years? Already they are becoming longed for memories, who knew? I will treasure every single dinner I hope from now on that my girls are here. I am aware with increasing dread/joy that one day soon our nest will be empty. The laughter of children will just visit, not live here.

    • Charity says:

      Wow. That is so beautiful. I’m always so glad to hear the reminder to cherish these little years, because so many days I wish them away. Thanks for sharing. PS. I see a blog post here! 🙂

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