A Conversation of Second Graders

Last week, I took lunch up to school for each of my kids. I have three kids in school, so each lunchtime I squeezed in the table and made my acquaintance with all the mini people staring me down. After getting peppered with an array of questions, they realized this foreigner wasn’t a threat, the table relaxed into it’s natural state, with periodic smiles and sideway glances, I was immersed into a childhood world.



It was the boy’s second grade table that made me smile the most. As their genuine conversation unfolded between Porter and his best friend, I couldn’t resist pulling out my phone and documenting their conversation. I’m sure I looked like an uncaring parent feverishly texting some unknown person, but I didn’t want to miss one word of what was being said, and now I share with you,

A Conversation of Second Graders

Friend: My dad’s a mechanic.

Porter: My grandpa’s a mechanic.

F: My dad’s boss is Jim.

P: My grandpa’s name is Larry.

F: He gets cuts everyday.

P: He works on hot rods.

F: My mom works at the YMCA.

P: Did your mom sign me up for football?

Kid C: I play soccer.

P: I’m not a fan of soccer.

F: Do you know any Rams players?

Kid C: When I lived in Chicago, I played soccer everyday.

F: Sam Bradford…Steve Jackson…

P: Did you know the Eagles quarterback’s last name is Sanchez?

F: Trey Mason…Gibson, and um…Clayton

P: Why’d you bring your rubber pencil holder?

F: Because it smells good.

Kid D: I play soccer for 4 hours everyday.

P: Wow. That’s good exercise.

F: On the Chargers I know Matthews. On the Green Bay Packers…I don’t know.

P: The quarterback for Green Bay is Aaron Rogers.

F: I know the Miami Dolphins.

Kid C: Chicago sucks.

P: No, Chicago is awesome. The Raiders are the #1 worst.

F: They lost 0-52.

P: I know. That was a great game.

F: I was playing football with my toys.

P: You were playing football with your toys?

F: My dad is a mechanic.

The cafeteria lights go out, and silence falls over the room, as everyone prepares for clean-up.

That, my friends, is the best conversation I’d heard all day.




  • 4 years ago

    It’s the ability to capture these small moment, to be aware that they’re even happening and you have to quick-catch-them-in-a-firefly-mason-jar that makes you the best #goodenoughmom

  • 4 years ago

    Oh how precious is that! Are they adorable or what? I love that you spent each lunch time period with each of your kiddos, Charity! Out of the mouths of babe… 🙂

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