Anamaye’s Beautiful Story

Several weeks ago, I received a phone call from an old acquaintance for twenty years ago. (I know you can’t believe we’re that old. You’re probably like, “Charity! You must’ve met her in the hospital nursery!” Yeah, not quite.) As Anamaye began to share her journey of the past few years with me, my heart immediately connected with her, and I asked her if she’d be willing to share her story on camera. Now, it was one of those spur of the moment thoughts and my mouth spoke what it was thinking. I don’t know, maybe in that moment I thought I was Oprah, and I could take my Chai with Charity to a ho’ nutha level. I’m not sure what came over me, but all I knew is that the world needs to hear Anamaye’s story, and to see her beautiful heart.

Anamaye Shares Her Story @charitylcraig

So, we got together in my kids’ play room. I only have one camera, no extra lighting or mics, and I don’t have a hired camera man, but no excuses, right? We ended up talking for forever. The camera shut off twice, so we had to keep back tracking our interview and start again. It was a classic #GoodEnoughMom moment, but I’m so happy we did it. I ended up editing the video down to just the first 12 minutes, because I’m not 20/20 (yet).

Anamaye’s story is messy and beautiful. As she began to embrace her story, and recognize the beauty in the imperfect journey, Anamaye has become more and more the person she was always meant to be, and she’s now creating the life she’s longed to have. She’s brave and strong, and I love to hear her desire to help and encourage other women take the same journey to personal freedom.

She and her husband, Lucas, have recently started their own business with Rodan and Fields, and they’re are excited to see where their journey together takes them. You can find their business here,  and if you’d like to know more of her story, I know she’d love to talk with you. Feel free to hit her up for a chat. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Anamaye Shares Her Story @charitylcraig

Anamaye, you’re an amazing woman, and I know one day people are going to line up around the block to hear you speak.

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear Anamaye’s story, and my very first interview. I hope you’ve been encouraged to accept and honor your messy story, and you too see the beauty in the broken.

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6 thoughts on “Anamaye’s Beautiful Story

  1. Deb McFarlin says:

    I wanted to leave a comment on your blog about Anamaye. She does have an amazing story. She is definitely more than meets the eye. I oughta know because she’s my daughter!! Loved your words about her and the video interview. Nice job. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs before and how you are vulnerable and honest and real. Thanks for telling the world.

  2. Strahlen says:

    Hi Charity,

    I love this interview with you and Anamaye and am so happy your marriages turned out well. It is incredibly hard to look in on your own self and find what you are doing to sabotage the relationship. Making changes when you have a life time of bad habits to change or feel righteous anger or some other negative emotion is even more difficult. I am so proud of you and Anamaye for doing so!

    It seems like a lot of my friends who are having marriage difficulties want their partner to change first (or at least alongside them). They wonder what happens if they make all the changes and he doesn’t or still decides to leave. How fair is that??? Well, my husband and I were not getting along, to put it mildly. I felt no real love for him. He was being a jerk (to borrow a word from my 5 boys) to me, and I really wanted out of the marriage. One day, I had to drop something off at our church and realized I couldn’t go in, that the way I was acting was also leading to the destruction of our sacred vows. How could I face the Lord like that?

    It took some major soul searching, and I read every book on How To Save Your Marriage Alone etc. I saw what I was doing and why and how I needed to change. I didn’t want to at first, but I had made a vow years before in front of family and friends and the Lord Himself, and you know what? I fell back in love with my husband! We got along great! He was once again my best friend, my lover, my confidant. When I got pregnant with our last little boy, it was a big surprise, but not as big of a shock as it was only a few months later (I was about 5 months along) my ex announced he had reconnected with a former girlfriend on Facebook and gave us a week’s notice before moving out.

    I won’t go into more detail here, but I want your readers to know that I do not for one minute regret looking in to see where I was going wrong, changing my ways, or falling back in love with my husband. He may have chosen to leave, but I know I have the power to choose love, to overcome, even such despair as comes from wanting a divorce. I have the power to choose love over negativity. I feel bad for him that he didn’t have the same ability.

    I would urge all your readers to look in on themselves, to see the plank in their own eye before trying to fix their partner. It can be painful, but it can also be amazingly insightful and can help in future relationships. I hope this saves marriages as yours and Anamaye’s were, but even if the other person chooses divorce, the person being left does not lose everything. He or she has gained the ability to love unconditionally. Is there any greater gift?

    • Charity says:

      I love your heart so much. I try to say all the time, that just because I changed didn’t guarantee my husband’s return, but even if he never did come back I discovered who I was and I found the personal freedom I so desperately needed. Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouraging others to take a look inside.

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