Chai with Charity #11: How To Have a Better Marriage

I don’t know why or how I ever got this expectation as to what my Christian husband needs to be. For so long, I had these expectations as to how Matt should be leading our home: He needed to be always reading his Bible, he needed to be excited about going to church and small groups, he needed to be praying everyday, and talking to our children about the things of the heart, and when he didn’t fulfill those expectations, I’d tremble in fear thinking of how we weren’t the perfect Christian family, or that our children would be lost and burn in hell. Forever.

How to Have a Better Marriage @charitylcraig

I began to resent Matt for not trying to be more like my expectations. I’d pray for him, but then as a submissive wife (more like a passive aggressive wife), I’d suggest things for Matt to change to be a better spiritual leader, but as you can image, nothing worked.

I was doing it all wrong. I had to get over my fear, and let all that go. This week in Chai with Charity, I talk about how to have a better marriage (and a better spiritual leader husband).

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Here’s your very own prayer card that I talk about in the video.

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